Looking for a unique training experience for your team?

Theatre@Work applies techniques and exercises adapted from the theatrical entertainment industry for more practical application in the workplace in fun and interactive workshops at your location. Led by highly experienced business and theatre professionals, Theatre@Work delivers trainings that your employees want to attend and skills they will use.

During our highly interactive workshops, attendees practice how to:

 • encourage and inspire team oriented behavior / collaboration 
 • motivate and influence your team for successful execution 
 • better handle new and challenging situations with resilience and agility, so as to build and thrive on change 
 • listen attentively and communicate with more confidence and authenticity, so as to effectively connect with others 
 • innovate and think more creatively and instinctively 
 • be present—not be distracted by past events or future consequences

For more information on how to customize a Theatre@Work training for your company, please contact Ray Chan at