TheatreWorks General Auditions Fall 2018
Appointment requests will open on September 26 at 10am and close on October 11 at 5pm. 
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Auditions will be held on:
Saturday, October 20 from 10AM to 4PM
Monday, October 22 from 11AM to 5PM

All auditions will be held in our Redwood City rehearsal space at:
350 Twin Dolphin Dr
Suite 127
Redwood City, CA 94065.

Actors are welcome to attend our open call once each season. You will be considered for our general files, our New Works readings and workshops, our Education program, and roles in our 2018-2019 season.

At the auditions, we see each actor in an individual appointment, performing your own choice of memorized material. To request an appointment, please fill out the form linked to here.  We'll email you a confirmation email with your exact appointment time, directions to the auditions, and other details.

Each auditioner has a total of three minutes to perform (except kids, who have two minutes). Singers perform one song and one monologue; others perform two monologues. Dancers are encouraged to make a singing appointment, if they sing at all, but will not need to dance at the audition. Singers are considered for both musicals and non-musicals. Kids need to be at least 8 years old on the day of the audition.

If you have questions, we can be reached at 650-463-7171 or


TheatreWorks holds general auditions locally twice a year, typically in March and September.  We also attend the regional auditions held by Theatre Bay Area, and conduct Equity auditions in New York and Los Angeles. For each show in our season, we set up casting sessions by invitation and agent submission.

We also cast actors throughout the year for staged readings and musical workshops in our New Works Initiative and for programs with our Education Department, including a school tour show and one-day projects with high school age writers.


TheatreWorks is a member of the League of Resident Theatres (LORT). We cast both Equity and non-Equity artists, in plays, full-scale musicals and plays with music, including world premieres and second productions with authors in residence and established scripts. Please see our production history.  We work under LORT B, C, and Experimental Theatre Contracts. We have a long tradition of multicultural programming and casting. Our normal schedule is 2 or 3 weeks in the rehearsal hall, 2 weeks of tech and previews, and a 3 to 4 week run.  We rehearse 6 days a week, and perform up to 8 shows per week.


To Arrange an Audition


Actors can request an appointment online for one of our two general auditions (usually held in March and September.) Details are posted on this website and on Theatre Bay Area, Bay Area Theatre Bums, and LiveSV listings, as well as on our casting voice mailbox: 650.463.1950 ext. 7520. To request an appointment, follow the link which will be posted here and in the voice mailbox when we start taking requests. At general auditions, we ask that actors present two monologues or, for singers, one monologue and one song.


Actors may instead attend the annual General Auditions held by Theatre Bay Area in January or February each year, or one of our out-of-town Equity auditions, announced on the Equity hotlines.


To Submit Your Résumé


If you are unable to schedule an audition, feel free to mail your résumé to our Casting Director, or send a postcard for a show in which you are appearing to:
Jeffrey Lo, Casting Director
PO Box 50458
Palo Alto, CA 94303


For information about the shows in our 2017/2018 season, please visit The Calendar