Young Storytellers Lab

Young Storytellers Lab (YSL) and Theatre for English Language Learners (The TELL Project) residencies will be online or in person, depending on your school’s policy. These residencies use theatre and the art of storytelling to engage students in Reading, Writing, Speaking/Listening and foundational English Language Arts.

Writing in small groups, students create a set of 3-4 scenes woven together with a teaching artist to create an adaptation or a response to a text or a theme. The teaching artist facilitates the students’ staging of their work. This work includes text, voice, movement, and sound.

Residencies run 4-8 weeks, depending on the goals of the residency.

Students can:

  • Write monologues based on: a theme, a reading, a reflection
  • Write a monologue that is an adaptation from a unit/book reflecting the thoughts of a character or situation from the text

For more information or to bring Young Storytellers Lab to your school, please call 650.463.7146 or email