The Directors Series

The plays on our stage are in conversation with each other, to tell a story of who we are. The Directors Series invites our directors to be in conversation about their work, what moves them, and how they inspire each other. Join our digital conversation.

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In Conversation: Little Shop of Horrors and In Every Generation

December 2022

Directors Jeffrey Lo and Michael Barakiva discuss the intergenerational storytelling behind Little Shop of Horrors and In Every Generation, the personal ties to each piece, and how to navigate directing musicals and new work as directors.

In Conversation: Nan and the Lower Body

July 2022

Tim Bond and Giovanna Sardelli discuss Nan and the Lower Body in today’s world, reflecting on recent events around the dismantling of Roe v Wade, what it means to bring this play to life, and the importance of highlighting who is missing from the conversation around a woman’s body and choice.

In Conversation: Gem of the Ocean and Ragtime

June 2022

Although Gem of the Ocean and Ragtime are set just two years apart, they tell two very different stories of early 20th century US. Watch directors Tim Bond and Robert Kelley discuss their visions and the dialogue between the plays.