Concepts at Play

Concepts at Play (CAP) residencies will be online or in person, depending on your school’s policy. These residencies use theatre to develop presentation skills while addressing your reading, writing, speaking/listening and foundational English Language goals. CAP is an active learning and community building format allowing students artistic expression and methods for connecting the arts across content.


Choose from three curriculum options:

Playing with Poetry

Focusing on project-based learning strategies: driving questions, student voice and choice, inquiry innovation, publicly presented product, practicing collaboration, connecting to anchor texts using reading, writing, speaking, and listening standards.


Playing with Science

Focusing on Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, Earth and Space, Engineering Technology and Application of Sciences


Theatre for English Language Learners

Focusing on Student-Generated Gestures for Emphasis and Reinforcement of New Vocabulary, Participatory Learning, Practicing Speaking, Choral or Group Speaking


To learn how this program can be plugged-in to your classrooms: contact either Jeffrey Lo and/or Taylor McQuesten, at and