1440 Countdown

Make a play in 24 hours

1 day—1,440 minutes—86,400 seconds—total play creation

1440 Countdown: Make a Play in 24 Hours



Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Gather 5 to 8 friends at your house or via Zoom for an overnight play creation experience! Your team will participate in playwrighting, acting, and directing workshops. A box of theatre-making tools and toys will be made available. 24 hours later an enthusiastic Zoom audience of friends, family, and a distinguished panel of judges join for the presentation of new works. The panel of judges will provide feedback on each team’s work. This is a creative journey in which a sleepless night can give way to an exciting new play. There’ll be one day, one theme, one box of supplies, and one chance at glory… and an It’s It.

For more information, please call 650.463.7146 or email education@theatreworks.org.