This summer we celebrated a truly remarkable world premiere of The Four Immigrants: An American Musical Manga, and many have asked about the next steps; we are delighted to share that a great deal of interest exists all across the nation. Therefore, we are inviting you to continue to play your part and help us bring The Four Immigrants into the recording studio to generate a professionally recorded cast album.

Help us bring this locally grown new work to the next stage of its journey, and we will celebrate you with wonderful gifts to say thank you for being a part of our extended immigrant family! We have a goal of $50,000 to cover all recording and production costs as well as to pave the way for additional new works to grow right here in the Bay.


VIP Experience

Create your own one-of-a-kind opportunity! Join us in the studio, share dinner, snag in-person photos…it is up to you!
Just email Ronnie to create your partnership experience.



CD or Digital Download
($50 tax deductible)


CD signed by writer/composer Min Kahng & Digital Download
($90 tax deductible)


Autographed cast photo, CD signed by writer/composer Min Kahng, & Digital Download
($465 tax deductible)


All of the above, plus coffee with Leslie & Min and signed copy of sheet music from your favorite song
($945 tax deductible)

Join us with any size gift!