2017/18 Season

The Four Immigrants: An American Musical Manga

July 12—August 6, 2017

Driven by an infectious vaudeville and ragtime score, the quartet pursues their American Dream despite limited options in the land of opportunity.

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August 23—September 17, 2017

A time-bending romantic drama spun out of string theory, this unconventional Broadway and West End sensation explores the infinite possibilities of “boy meets girl” with intelligence, heart, and humor.

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The Prince of Egypt

October 6—November 5, 2017

A soaring celebration of the human spirit, THE PRINCE OF EGYPT features a dazzling, multi-ethnic cast in one of the greatest stories ever told: the saga of Moses and Ramses, his Pharaoh brother, and the indomitable people who changed them both forever.

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Around the World in 80 Days

November 29—December 23, 2017

Grab your family, and your passport, for an ingenious, imaginative expedition around the world!

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Our Great Tchaikovsky

January 11—February 5, 2018

Brilliant composer Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky springs to life through the hands and insight of piano virtuoso Hershey Felder, whose timebending tale of culture and repression explores the mystery surrounding some of the greatest music ever written.

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Skeleton Crew

March 7—April 1, 2018

A makeshift family of autoworkers navigates the recession in this funny, tough, and tender American drama. Will their Detroit plant survive?

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The Bridges of Madison County

April 4—29, 2018

This sweeping musical romance about the roads we travel and the bridges we dare to cross recalls the unexpected affair of a devoted Italian-born housewife and a roving NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC photographer —four sensual, heart-stirring days that would never be forgotten.

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June 6—July 1, 2018

Based on the true story of comedian/actor Jack Gilford, this stunning comic drama is written by his son. When a romance blossoms between a rising comic and a firebrand actress, they face being blacklisted along with their friends and fellow artists.

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