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A Great American Classic

Of Mice and Men

By John Steinbeck

Directed by Robert Kelley

Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts

April 4—April 29, 2012

Crafted for the stage by Steinbeck himself, this beloved drama is a deeply moving tribute to the strength of friendship and the depth of the American dream. Protective George and his gentle giant of a friend Lennie are migrant workers on a Salinas Valley ranch during the Great Depression. Their hopes for a place of their own come close to fruition, but fate intervenes in a powerhouse saga of conscience and character.
“Grabs you by the heart and never lets go.” The New York Times

Act One runs approximately 1 hour and 13 minutes, followed by a 15 minute intermission. Act Two is approximately 47 minutes.

Of Mice and Men Set Model

Click on the image above to view set and costume designs for Of Mice and Men.

“Tenderly directed by Robert Kelley, Steinbeck's haunting tale of the haves, the have-nots and the doomed retains its power to move us…INSIGHTFUL… POWERFUL… HEART-RENDING… sensitive performances from the ensemble…[Jos] Viramontes captures George's restlessness, as well as his resilience. The magnetic performance is driven by George's fierce need to protect the only family he's got, no matter what. [AJ] Meijer channels the childlike innocence that lights Lennie, a simple-minded giant.”

The Mercury News

“Steinbeck SHINES on stage. TheatreWorks’ sensitive take on Of Mice and Men is even better than the book …a GORGEOUS and affecting piece …OUTSTANDING performances… Anyone who loves Steinbeck's novella should see this production. TheatreWorks’ MASTERFUL presentation gives this classic work a renewed vigor"
Palo Alto Weekly

“an ENGAGING tale with a persuasive cast …this outing makes [the novel Of Mice and Men]’s 75th anniversary worth celebrating … Viramontes and Meijer make the tender, troubled bond between George and Lennie IRRESISTIBLE and strangely noble.”
San Francisco Chronicle

“BEAUTIFULLY told… MASTERFUL staging… Director Robert Kelley gathered an EXCELLENT cast… the play is rich with meaning to many levels.”
Daily News

“In the hands of a theater company deep in talent and experience, we are treated to A PROFOUND GIFT, and another example of why I believe theater to still be so essential, relevant...the acting. It’s SUPREME. Uniformly supreme. This is a strong cast, maybe one of the strongest I’ve seen on this stage over the past few years.”
Stark Insider

“STELLAR cast and crew… the cast delivered a PHENOMENAL performance enhanced by the deliberate guidance of Director Robert Kelley”
Mountain View Patch

“visually STUNNING with great acting and taut direction… the evening is FLAWLESS… a MUST SEE production”
For All Events

“A POWERHOUSE. Beautiful theater. Acting, directing, staging and story are all winners.”
SF Theater Blog