"Integrating the arts has revolutionized my teaching. My teaching is much more interactive and every child is actively engaged."
– 3-year alum of the Arts Integration Network 

The Arts Integration Network, a unique professional development opportunity, helps you step outside your comfort zone and embrace new teaching tools to enhance your practice. This nurturing experience gives you valuable breathing space and support to learn to integrated arts into your curriculum without feeling like you are adding entirely new content to your already packed schedule. By observing and planning with our Master Teaching Artists, you'll leave with ready-to-use units that infuse a core subject with laughter, imagination, and deeper engagement. This is a hands-on experience where you actually practice what you are learning directly with groups of children. This active learning technique boosts vocabulary retention, addresses psycho-social learning, and exposes students to content in a whole new way!

Summer Intensive:

"I find that my students retain the information much better and are able to apply what they have learned."
– 4-year alum of the Arts Integration Network

Each summer, TheatreWorks offers intensive arts-integration professional development in tandem with our summer camp program. To get the most out of the experience, teachers are encouraged to attend for two weeks, though exceptions are made for teachers with scheduling limitations.

A typical day involves observing an participating as professional teaching artists work with elementary aged theatre campers. We then debrief about the games, lessons, strategies, and arts processes you observed and find ways to integrate them into academic content areas. Throughout each day a Master Teaching Artist and former elementary school teachers will model lessons that have proven successful in classrooms. Stay for the second week to plan a complete and shareable arts integrated unit of study and practice your ideas with campers at your grade level.

Fees are negotiated through each district.

To learn more, email learn@theatreworks.org, or call 650.463.7154.


Arts Integration Advocacy

TheatreWorks is dedicated to promoting the many ways that theatre enhances student learning, both as an arts-integrated option and as a skills-focused stand alone activity. Here we have collected the most credible and useful arts advocacy reports. These reading materials support your urge to bring the arts back into your school.

From Hip-Hop to Shakespeare: Dallas Blazes “Coordinated” Trail in Arts Education for City Young People

By Pamela Mendels for The Wallace Foundation 

Reinvesting in Arts Education: Winning America's Future Through Creative Schools
By the President's Committee on Arts and Humanities

Resurrecting Howard Gardner
From Grantmakers in the Arts: Suppporting a Creative America

The Arts and Neuroscience of Joyful Learning
By Dr. Judy Willis

In 1992, Mae Jemison was the first African-American woman to go into space. She's become a crusader for science education--and for a new vision of learning that combines arts and science, intuition and logic. Favorite quote from Dr. Jemison: 

“The difference between science and the arts is not that they are different sides of the same coin even, or even different parts of the same continuum, but rather, they are manifestations of the same things.  The arts and sciences are avatars of human creativity.”