2016/17 Open Call Auditions

TheatreWorks announces General Auditions for the remaining titles in our 2016/17 Season and our School Tour. Mainstage titles include CALLIGRAPHY by Velina Hasu Houston, and RAGS, with music by Charles Strouse, lyrics by Stephen Schwartz, and book by Joseph Stein. Our OSKAR series school touring shows are by Prince Gomovilas. Performers are also auditioning for general files and future projects in our New Works and Education Departments.

Auditions will be held on Monday, September 26 and Tuesday, September 27 from noon to 7pm each day. Auditioners may present either two monologues or one monologue/song, for a total of 3 minutes.

We are no longer taking appointment requests for Open Call Auditions.

Both AEA members and nonAEA performers are welcome. Children must be at least 8 years old at the time of their audition. There are children's roles in our production of RAGS. Children who are not able to attend these auditions are encouraged to submit a resume and photo by mail.
OSKAR school tour
Rehearses approx. 2/8/17-2/19/17, performs approx. 2/21/17 to 4/1/17
Non Equity only, male and female.
Three charismatic, physical adult performers with clowning skills to play 10 year olds. Ethnicity open. Rehearsals and performances are on weekdays.
Rehearses 2/14/17 to 3/10/17, performs 3/11/17 to 4/2/17, Lucie Stern Theatre, Palo Alto
Directed by Leslie Martinson
Hiromi Jameson (Female, mid 40s, Multiethnic American) Charismatic, controlled, a dreamer. Daughter of Noriko and Eamon. (role is cast)
Noriko Matsuda Jameson (Female, late 60s, Japanese) Expatriate caught between countries and cultures and the Real and the Surreal, gentle, poetic.
Eamon Jameson (Male, 30s, African-American) Hopeful, altruistic. Noriko’s husband in flashback, and other characters in present.
Sayuri Matsuda (Female, early 40s, Japanese) Quirky, chaotic, adventurous. Hiromi’s cousin.
Natsuko Matsuda (Female, late 60s, Japanese) Emboldened, independent, hungry.  Noriko’s sister.
Rehearses 3/7/17 to 4/7/17, performs 4/8/17 to 4/20/17, Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts. 
Directed by Robert Kelley, Musical Direction by William Liberatore
ROLES include:
Rebecca Hershkowitz (Female, 30s, soprano) A recent Jewish immigrant to America from Eastern Europe.  Brave and loving.
David Hershkowitz (Male, 10 years old) Rebecca's son. Cheerfully enters into the adventure of their new life.
Saul (Male, 30s, high bari) An American union organizer in love with Rebecca. Jewish. Smart, fired-up, aching to make a difference.
Bella Cohen (Female, 17, mezzo belter) A recent Jewish immigrant from Eastern Europe, works at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory. Caught between two worlds.
Avram Cohen (Male, 40-50) Bella's father, trying to hold onto his traditional ways.
Nathan Hershkowitz (Male, 40, baritone) Rebecca’s husband. Jewish, assimilated quickly to American Tammany politics.
Ben Levitowitz (Male, 20s, tenor) In love with Bella.  Jewish. Young and enthusiastic

TheatreWorks Casting 

TheatreWorks holds general auditions locally twice a year, typically in March and September.  We also attend the regional auditions held by Theatre Bay Area, and conduct Equity auditions in New York and Los Angeles. For each show in our season, we set up casting sessions by invitation and agent submission.

We also cast actors throughout the year for staged readings and musical workshops in our New Works Initiative and for programs with our Education Department, including a school tour show and one-day projects with high school age writers.

TheatreWorks is a member of the League of Resident Theatres (LORT). We cast both Equity and non-Equity artists, in plays, full-scale musicals and plays with music, including world premieres and second productions with authors in residence and established scripts. Please see our production history.  We work under LORT B, C, and Experimental Theatre Contracts. We have a long tradition of multicultural programming and casting. Our normal schedule is 2 or 3 weeks in the rehearsal hall, 2 weeks of tech and previews, and a 3 to 4 week run.  We rehearse 6 days a week, and perform up to 8 shows per week.

To Arrange an Audition

Actors can request an appointment online for one of our two general auditions (usually held in March and September.) Details are posted on this website and on Theatre Bay Area, Bay Area Theatre Bums, and LiveSV listings, as well as on our casting voice mailbox: 650.463.1950 ext. 7520. To request an appointment, follow the link which will be posted here and in the voice mailbox when we start taking requests. At general auditions, we ask that actors present two monologues or, for singers, one monologue and one song.

Actors may instead attend the annual General Auditions held by Theatre Bay Area in January or February each year, or one of our out-of-town Equity auditions, announced on the Equity hotlines.

To Submit Your Résumé

If you are unable to schedule an audition, feel free to mail your résumé to our Casting Director, or send a postcard for a show in which you are appearing to:
Leslie Martinson, Casting Director
P.O. Box 50458
Palo Alto, CA 94303